Information & Assistance provides caregivers, potential clients, and the public with information on resources and services available within the communities they serve. Information & Assistance can also refer you to other organizations and programs that could provide additional comprehensive services you might find beneficial.

Example Questions

  • Where can I get help with housework, shopping, errands, yard work, minor repairs, or general maintenance?
  • Where is my nearest Senior Center and what are their hours of operation?
  • What kinds of services do you offer? What do those services entail?
  • My father/mother/brother/sister/etc. might benefit from Blue Rivers AAA, can they access your services? What services can they access?
  • Where can I schedule a transportation ride and is service available in my area? What are the fees associated with riding Blue Rivers Public Transportation?
  • Am I eligible for Medicaid? What kind of services could I receive through Medicaid (if applicable)?
  • Am I eligible to receive assistance with Medicare?
  • Am I/mother/father/sister/brother/etc. eligible to receive assistance with caregiver respite?

For more information about our services call Blue Rivers AAA at 402-223-1376 or 888-989-9417.