Blue Rivers Area Agency on Aging has locations that can provide a variety of services to assist older individuals to remain independent in their homes. Services may not be available in every location. Referrals to other service providers may be necessary. For more information contact an office near you.

Handyman & Housekeeper Offices

Nemaha County
Dawn Pariot
1101 J Street
Auburn, NE 68305
(402) 274-5365
8:00AM - 4:30PM

Jefferson County
Nancy McGee
601 City Park Road
Fairbury, NE 68352
(402) 729-6475
8:00AM - 4:30PM

Gage County
Wanda Franken
103 Eastside Blvd
Beatrice, NE 68310
(402) 223-1376
8:00AM - 4:30PM

Thayer County
Jami Knerl
425 Lincoln Avenue
Hebron, NE 68370
(402) 768-6052
8:00AM - 4:30PM


  1. Mow lawns

  2. Rake yards

  3. Clean gutters

  4. Clean windows in Spring (if not provided by housekeeper program)

  5. Minor foundation work (dirt fill, minor patch)

  6. Trim trees, hedges, or bushes - but only if hazard and rubbing on home

  7. Minor repairs (no home improvement)

    • Patch roof (no complete roof jobs)

    • Repair porch steps and/or porches

    • Light plumbing* like faucets, washers, sink traps, toilets, etc.

    • Light electrical* like switches, outlets, fuses, replacing broken light fixtures, etc.

  8. Safety Modifications

    • Grab bars*

    • Handrails*

    • Wheelchair ramps*

*Regulatory codes may dictate who can perform these tasks


  1. General housework

    • Dusting

    • Vacuuming

    • Clean the floors

    • Laundry (client pays for laundromat expense)

    • Clean bathroom - can include sink, tub/shower, and stool

    • Clean kitchen - can include sink, range top, refrigerator, and counter

    • Trash

    • Spring and Fall cleaning

  2. Light Meal Preparation

    • Prepare light meal

  3. Errands and Shopping Assistance

    • General shopping - can include grocery store, drug store, etc.

    • Bill paying

    • Other necessary errands to help client stay at home