CHOICES is a service that helps you decide where and how you want to live. It's a service especially for aged persons, and adults with disabilities. A CHOICES counselor can provide information and are trained to help with decisions about the care and support you may need.

A CHOICES counselor can:

  • Evaluate your needs
  • Explain services
  • Find ways to help pay for services
  • Set up services

A CHOICES counselor can explain options such as living at home with support services, or living in an "assisted living" facility which has a home-like setting.

You should talk to someone about CHOICES if you...

  • Want to know more about the services, care, and support options available to you
  • Are interested in living more independently than you are now
  • Need help deciding what living alternative is best for you
  • Have questions about the level of care you need and how your needs can be met
  • Need more information about funding and options available to you

Participation in the CHOICES program is voluntary, and final decisions about care and living alternatives are completely up to you. Getting information from a CHOICES counselor is at no cost to you, and the counselor may be able to find ways to pay for the services you need. 

We are here to assist you! To speak to a CHOICES counselor, or for more information about CHOICES call Blue Rivers AAA at 402-223-1376 or 888-989-9417.

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